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How To Write A Perfect CV That Gets The Job with Paul McCarthy-Cork

Are you looking for a job? To get your foot into the door and secure the dream job, you must write an eye catching CV that captures the attention of your potential employer. CV is short for Curriculum Vitae which is a document that shows your past work experience and education background. A properly written CV must capture the attention of the potential employer immediately they start reading it. Get it wrong, and be sure you will not even get the chance to interview for the job.

Here are some tips on how to write the perfect CV.

Make it short and succinct

Good CVs are short, precise and to the point. Basically, it should not exceed three to four pages. For students with limited work experience the CV should be a maximum of two pages.

Tailor your CV

Read the job description to understand what the employer is looking for. Identify the skills and achievements that you have that are applicable to the job. Personalise your CV specifically for the role by emphasising or enumerating first the relevant experiences and accomplishments that you have. Identify key words used and try to design your CV to match the key words and language of the employer. This makes it easier for the person reading the CV to determine that you match the role.

Focus on measurable metrics not traits

Clearly state quantifiable metrics on your CV so that the employer can easily cross reference your experience and their needs. Clearly highlight measures and metrics unique to you at the top. For example, as a sales manager I grew sales from 12 million pounds to 30 million pounds over a three year period and increased market share from 15% to 28%.

Order your CV

Order your CV based on the requirements of the particular job, be it qualifications or a certain skill set. If the job requires particular qualifications that you have, make sure to highlight them at the top of your CV. The same applies to skills that you might have as Paul McCarthy advises.

Have a perfect layout

Content matters but so does the layout. Use an appealing, simple layout that is easy to read through. Use standard layout and formatting styles that look professional.

The information you do not put on a CV is also as important as the information that you put on it. Some of the things you should not include in your CV are;

Personal preferences: Do not mention your race, age, marital status, religion or political beliefs on your CV.

Photos: Unless you are explicitly required to, do not include photos in your CV.

Clichés: Avoid overused phrases such as ‘team player’, ‘great communicator’ etc. Instead articulate your competencies in a way that the employer sees your value.

Salary details: If you are not required to, do not share your salary details as they are an important negotiation tool.

Finally, always ensure to list only facts in the CV. Ensure that there are no discrepancies and gaps in your CV. If there are any, make sure that they can be clearly explained if challenged. Always remember a properly presented CV is critical in securing the perfect job. Review the CV for grammatical errors, typos and poor formatting before submission.

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